Wool Fabric

Choose your own wool coating colour. Just add your colour choice in the box before checkout.
These wool and wool blend fabrics are for all the coat and jackets you will find here.

Medium weight flat finish wool blend coating

1. Yellow Mustard 
(only enough left for one coat) 
60% Wool, 40% Viscose


2. Burnt Orange
60% Wool, 40% Viscose
3. Candy
60% Wool, 40% Viscose

4. Emerald Green
60% Wool, 40% Viscose

5. Aqua (brighter than in photo) 
60% Wool, 40% Viscose

6. Marine Blue
60% Wool, 40% Viscose

7. Petrol
80% Wool, 20% Nylon
8. Navy.
60% Wool, 40% Viscose
9. Black
60% Wool, 40% Viscose

10. Green Check
60% Wool, 40% Polyester

Heavy weight woven coatings

12. Hunting Green
100% NZ Made Wool.
Very special made in NZ Wool, you can't find this anymore.
It's not as soft as other coatings, so you may find it itchy.
I recommend to choose a lined coat for this one.



Heavy weight textured boucle knit coatings

Because this fabric is made up from a knitted wool, it has a slight stretch, and also stretches a little while being made. So I recommend to size down with these fabrics.

13. Turquoise Boucle
80% Wool, 20% Nylon


14. Navy Boucle

100% Wool

15. Denim Boucle

100% Wool

16. Grey Boucle

100% Wool

17. Black Boucle

60% Wool, 40% Viscose